Ettendra Solutions provides full system implementation, technical
support and training services with all of our systems. We offer an off-the-
shelf version of  
Ettendra Labor 8.0 as well as a fully customized version
of the system.

Our experienced and multi-lingual staff are available to the customer On-
Site and On-Line on a
24/7 basis. All our services are available in English
and French as well as a number of international languages.

We offer system integration services with any existing customer ERP,
Accounting, General Ledger, Finance, HR, Shop Floor Control or any
other corporate system that the customer is using. We also offer a full
range of Bar Code and Biometric solutions.

With every system that we deliver to our customers, we provide
Labor Cost Reduction and Labor Efficiency and Productivity Improvement
Reviews. Our experienced Technical Support Engineers and Cost
Accountants review customer data and provide the customer with
detailed reports on how to
reduce their Labor Costs and increase their
Labor Efficiency and Productivity.

Ettendra Solutions offers the following services:

  • System Implementation Services
  • System Customization Services
  • System Integration Services
  • On-going System Support Services
  • On-going System Upgrade Services
  • Quarterly Labor Cost Reduction Reviews
  • Quarterly Labor Efficiency Improvement Reviews
  • Quarterly Labor Productivity Improvement Reviews
  • Full Range of Bar Code Solutions
  • Full Range of Biometric Solutions
  • Reduce your Labor Cost
  • Improve your Labor Efficiency & Productivity
  • Setup Quarterly Labor Cost, Efficiency & Productivity Improvement Reviews
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