Ettendra Labor 8.0 :

Ettendra Labor 8.0 is a complete and integrated Labor Tracking, Time and
Attendance, and Labor Cost Control System that provides complete
accountability and total control over employee activities and their labor and
job assignments.

Ettendra Labor 8.0 is the most flexible and most comprehensive Time &
Attendance and Labor Tracking Software Based System on the market. The
system uses existing IT infrastructure and can be setup and running in
less than 15 minutes.

Ettendra Labor 8.0  is accessed directly on-line and in real time using a
PC keyboard, a wireless device, web devices, or a simple inexpensive
less than $100) wedged bar code, magnetic stripe, or biometric reader.
No need for expensive bar code terminals or cumbersome electronic time
clocks that require separate wiring, servers and software drivers.

There are no marketing gimmicks. No need to purchase separate and
multiple modules to get the system to work. Everything is included in one
Ettendra Labor 8.0 contains all of the following modules:

  • Complete Time Card & Time Sheet Tracking Module
  • Complete Labor Tracking Module
  • Labor Shift Scheduling & Control Module
  • Labor Pre-Assigning Module
  • Labor Cost Control Module
  • Employee & Department Tracking Module
  • Consultant Labor Tracking & Billing Module
  • Absentee & Vacation Tracking & Control Module
  • Employee Pay & Benefits Tracking & Control Module
  • Employee Overtime Tracking & Control Module
  • Employee Self Service Module
  • Supervisor & Manager Approval & Control Module
  • 9 Level Work Break Down Structure Definition Module
  • Complete Work Order Tracking & Control Module
  • Part, Quantity & Operation Tracking Module
  • Project Cost Control Module
  • ERP/MRP Interface Module
  • Payroll Services Interface Module
  • General Ledger Interface Module

Ettendra Labor 8.0
provides the employees with an on screen time card to
record all labor charges. All employee entered data is validated against
predefined tables. All charged labor hours are validated against employee
attendance hours and maximum allowable hours as defined by respective
employee shift and payroll rules.

On screen time cards are available on-line to all employees. Labor hours
can be charged interactively to work orders and account numbers, or can
be pre-assigned  so that employee labor hours are automatically charged
to the appropriate work orders and account numbers when an employee is
not required to fill in a time card.

The time card can be setup to include any and all of the following labor
charging fields:

  • Department Charged --------- Hours Charged
  • Work Order Number ---------- Activity Type
  • Work Order Detail ------------- Shift Number
  • Part Number -------------------- Task Bonus #
  • Operation Number ------------ Shift Number
  • Part Quantity -------------------- Absence Code

Ettendra Labor 8.0 tracks employee attendance as well as employee
The employee and their respective supervisor or manager can
record absence hours on the employee's time card.

Ettendra Labor 8.0 allows the supervisors and managers to preassign
employee vacation dates and long term absence. Each absence type is
assigned an absence code and a corresponding work order number and a
charge account number.

Ettendra Labor 8.0 maintains a full history of all employee absence and
vacation time and can limit the amount of absences and vacation hours
charged by an employee during any defined period.
  • Reduce your Labor Cost
  • Improve your Labor Efficiency & Productivity
  • Setup Quarterly Labor Cost, Efficiency & Productivity Improvement Reviews
System  Details:
Wedged Bar Code Readers
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